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Sunday, July 21, 2019 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Supermajority shorts majority of students

The supermajority in our legislature has done it again by letting the owners and operators of virtual and charters “buy” their support. The most disturbing part of this unholy alliance between these two parties is that there is little to no accountability for these entities.

The hypocrisy stinks to high heaven, but Republicans seem to have become “nose blind” in the sense that they claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility. They campaign that merit is deserving of reward while all the time not requiring a paper trail for the virtual or charter schools to which they want to funnel our tax dollars. It's at this point that my mantra for politicians fell into play: follow the money. If you want to see the level of support for this sham, it plays out in who received the most campaign contributions from the “owner-operators.”

Jimmy Fincher

Fort Wayne

Administration sending mixed signals on health

It's ironic that while the Trump administration is seeking to improve care for those with kidney failure, it is also allowing more salt in school lunches. More salt causes more high blood pressure, leading to more kidney failure.

Cynthia Powers


Time to put an end to 'Red River drama'

Again we waited for our garbage to be picked up a day late, even though they changed our pickup day from Tuesday to Wednesday. Six times since the beginning of the year this has occurred.

Now a new problem has popped up. The last two times garbage was finally picked up, our street and alley were littered with garbage that missed the truck. So now not only are we expected to accept the delays, but also clean up after Red River or the city workers who have no decency. Are we expected to pick up raw garbage from our streets and alleys as the new normal?

Red River was brought in as the cheapest bid. The community hasn't benefited from this decision. Drivers have iPads and still miss routes.

You get what you pay for, Fort Wayne. It's time to scrap the vendor and work with National Serv-All/ Republic until a new long-term agreement with a proper vendor can be reached. We're tired of the Red River drama.

David L. Nichols

Fort Wayne

White House/Congress ties are far from simple

In reply to “Dems lose support in not supporting Trump (Letters, July 14):” The author stated, “Senators and House members are elected to help the president run the country.”

Now flash back to the Obama administration, where Republican Mitch McConnell stated, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” Does this sound like helping the president run the country?

It appears those on TV who the author complains about might be a little more informed than the author realizes.

Jerry Van Buskirk

Fort Wayne

Three branches meant to balance each other out

Ned Calvin (Letters, July 14) needs to go back to elementary school. Congress is not to “support” a president but to provide checks and balances. In other words, not agreeing with everything a president says but keeping things going straight. This is also why we have the judicial system (the Supreme Court).

It takes three legs to hold up a stool. With only one it would fall, the same as a country. Without those three systems in place we would have a dictator, which is what Donald Trump wants to be.

Jane Vorndran

Fort Wayne

Dog-friendly venues are far too few

In response to the July 9 letter by T.W. Johnston, I am a dog owner who enjoys taking my boxer down to the farmers markets. I spend half my time talking to shoppers who want to pet and love on my dog. The vendors seems very accommodating toward pets, offering them treats and water bowls.

Most pet owners are responsible. I am sorry Johnston had a bad experience, but please don't let one dog owner spoil it for the rest of us. I wish more outside Fort Wayne venues were dog friendly.

Renee Perkins

New Haven

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