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Friday, July 19, 2019 1:00 am


Who's on first in vetting process?

With Alex Acosta out (as labor secretary), we'll need vetting.

“I have some names for you to consider, sir.”

“Well, go on.”

“Edmund Martin – he's a giant in industry.”

“Giant? How tall is he?”

“Uh – I'm not sure. Maybe6 foot. But that isn't what I meant by 'giant.' ”

“I know what giant means! Example: Comey is 6 feet 8. I've had enough of giants.”

“Yes, sir. Well, then, there's Brian Peterson, a towering figure in finance.”

“Towering? How many towers has he built?'

“Uh – well, none that I know of, but that's not what I meant by 'towering.' ”

“You don't seem to know what you mean by anything. I got towers all over the world, so I know what tower means. I know words better than anybody – even that dictionary guy, Daniel Webster.”

“Uh – Noah, sir.”

“He next? Noah – does he have a last name?”

“No, sir. I mean yes, sir. But I just meant ...”

“Well – yes or no? I haven't got all day – we tee off at 11.”

“There's one more, a prince of a man, I'm sure you'll like him.”

“Whoa! No princes! You think this is a monarchy?”

“Yes, sir. I mean no, sir. I'll get some other names for you to consider.”

“I don't want names, I want men! And I mean men – I don't need any Yellens or the like. Get me somebody with lots of money who's willing to use it to make America great again!”

Jim Shearer


School bus drivers could get more creative

All we have read the last couple weeks is about people not stopping for stopped school buses.

My uncle drove for years for Leo, but then everybody had horse and buggy. My brother drove for a short time for Fort Wayne Community Schools.

If I were driving today, this is what I would do. Before I stop I turn on my flashers, then my red lights, then pull to the middle of the road so no stupid drivers could get around me on either side. If they blew their horns, I would get out and punch them. Problem solved.

However, I do like the extended arms.

Ed Keller



CHEERS to Sergeant Sofia Rosales-Scatena/FWPD, officers from the New Haven Police Department, Indiana State Police, and the Allen County Sheriff's Department, and many others who attended our DeafLink Community Series “Law Enforcement.” This helped raise awareness of our “DeafLink Visor Cards,” which will help deaf and hard-of-hearing drivers better communicate with law enforcement should they be pulled over.

Garth Sponseller

Director, DeafLink

The League


Ex-Council member sees great potential in Hays

We are fortunate as citizens of Fort Wayne that Patti Hays is running for Fort Wayne City Council in the 4th District.

I had the privilege of serving on City Council from 1996 to 2008. During those years there was a solid bipartisan working relationship between council members and mayors of both political parties. We got things done. We need more of that and less divisiveness in Fort Wayne.

Patti is a nurse and has a heart for service to others. She has held a variety of leadership roles with hospitals, foundations and other entities. She knows how to work with colleagues to move Fort Wayne forward.

Patti will serve our city profoundly well and is worthy of your consideration and support.

Tom Hayhurst

Fort Wayne

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