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Thursday, July 18, 2019 1:00 am


'Happiness' and balance

Americans are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It is just and fair that the “happiness” of a few revelers, with the legal right to set off backyard fireworks for 11 consecutive days, takes precedence over the “happiness” of the dozens of neighbors who suffer the consequences of their actions?

Nancy Conklin

Fort Wayne

GOP cowards perpetuate gun violence epidemic

On May 1, a heart and lung specialist in Australia wrote that in the 13 years she did surgical work, she treated only two gunshot wounds. In talking with her fellow surgeons in the United States, they said they had 10-plus each day. Both New Zealand and Australia had, at different times, a mass shooting. And both nations quickly enacted stricter gun rules. What does that say about our beloved nation?

We have turned into a violent nation. Why? Why do our president and the U.S. Senate, led by Mitch McConnell, bow to the NRA? Why do the Republicans in the Senate block any legislation on guns by the House? Why do the Republicans keep defending our president? Why do they not have the guts to stand up to the president and McConnell as the violence goes on day after day? For that matter, why do so many lay Republicans support this president's gun policies?

This has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. It is about politics. Why does this trauma of killings go on and on? Why?

Dorotha Fry Mason

North Manchester

Weather watchers say thanks

A special thank you to PBS39 for the return of the weather channel.

A donation will be sent to PBS39, Fort Wayne public television, for this response to the public's request.



Fourth of July edition was a true flag-waver

Compliments to The Journal Gazette and contributing staff for the July 4 edition.

For a freedom of the press diversity of many sources, a fitting tribute to our great country on its birthday. There was an excellent compendium of patriotic articles, from the A section to the eloquent finale of the back page of the D section.

I specifically compliment the following pieces, of note:

An A section ad was a great tribute honoring our talented, hard-working, local labor community and related unions.

Next, The News-Sentinel, for we “Town Voice” fans of this local publication and its editorials and unique politics.

The back A page had a well-written editorial regarding the historical song, “America the Beautiful.” It was so well written I could almost hear Ray Charles' hit vocal rendition of same with a tempo and bluesy (patriotic) passion that only he could offer.

On the same page, there was a great patriotic piece by the Rev. Bill McGill of Imani Baptist Temple.

The last page of Section D – but by no means least – had another fitting tribute to the Fourth, labeled “One Nation Under God,” from Hobby Lobby.

All this context is due to local sources, in our local news media, involving local people, as we celebrated this national holiday.

Together, Fort Wayne, we are truly a great community and proud to be Americans on this and every Fourth of July.

Thanks to The Journal Gazette, we can also be recognized, heard and thus represented.

Samuel Conte

Fort Wayne

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