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Wednesday, July 17, 2019 1:00 am


A market-based robocall suggestion

Suppose telephone companies were to charge, let's say, $1 for each call made. Simultaneously, when the charge occurs, a corresponding credit for $1 would be given to the recipient of the completed call. That way the unwanted caller would be burdened, and the recipient would be compensated for his inconvenience.

Here is how it would work in practice: You call your mom, your mom calls you, charges and credits cancel out, and life is unchanged. Or, you make a call to your mom without a reciprocal call, and effectively transfer part of her telephone bill to you.

The unwanted caller is required to pay for the privilege of disturbing your tranquil day, and you get a reduction in your telephone bill. Result: a little more equity in the universe, a little less uncompensated irritation for you, no elaborate bureaucracy required to process complaints.

Mark Simmons

Fort Wayne

A special kind of love

I finished reading the touching letter from Rick Ervins concerning his beloved Sheltie mix, Lucy, with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. I understand his feelings of love and devotion to a special, faithful friend; I've been there!

Kudos to you, Rick, and my heartfelt support and sympathy.

Nancy Ohmart

Fort Wayne

True patriots revel in rockets' red glare

There are many who complain about those among us who ignite fireworks for what seems like weeks on end. They complain about the noise, the loss of sleep due to that noise and their terrified pets.

Now, while all of those things may be true, I look at the fireworks-igniters from a different perspective: I see them as true patriots – nothing less. These individuals dedicate large sums of money and many, many hours of their personal time to show their dedication to and reverence for the land of the free and the home of the brave.

These individuals – these 21st century patriots – are clearly making a true financial sacrifice to celebrate the founding of this great nation. Instead of buying food and clothing for their families or donating much-needed money to area charities, these patriots have made the patriotic, but very difficult and heart-wrenching, decision to allocate those funds for the purchase of Chinese-manufactured fireworks so that they can properly celebrate the true meaning of the Fourth of July.

The next time your neighbor shoots fireworks for hours on end, take him a glass of lemonade and shake his hand for the true sacrifice he is making for his country.

Ken Thomas

Fort Wayne

Photo was exploited

How low will The Journal Gazette go?

Three times within a week, the newspaper published the photo of a man and daughter, dead in the water of the Rio Grande River. Have you no scruples? If it is was a white/American man and daughter, there is no way the Journal would publish that – sensational journalism at its worst.

There have always been illegals crossing the Rio Grande, long before any of the newspaper's editors were born. Shame on The Journal Gazette and its staff.

Wayne Wiles

Fort Wayne

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