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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 1:00 am


True patriots revel in rockets' red glare

There are many who complain about those among us who ignite fireworks for what seems like weeks on end. They complain about the noise, the loss of sleep due to that noise and their terrified pets.

Now, while all of those things may be true, I look at the fireworks-igniters from a different perspective: I see them as true patriots – nothing less. These individuals dedicate large sums of money and many, many hours of their personal time to show their dedication to and reverence for the land of the free and the home of the brave.

These individuals – these 21st century patriots – are clearly making a true financial sacrifice to celebrate the founding of this great nation. Instead of buying food and clothing for their families or donating much-needed money to area charities, these patriots have made the patriotic, but very difficult and heart-wrenching, decision to allocate those funds for the purchase of Chinese-manufactured fireworks so that they can properly celebrate the true meaning of the Fourth of July.

The next time your neighbor shoots fireworks for hours on end, take him a glass of lemonade and shake his hand for the true sacrifice he is making for his country.

Ken Thomas

Fort Wayne

Banks dismissive of dissenting views

I just returned from Rep. Jim Banks' first town hall in Fort Wayne and the sixth in his district. This standard event is a valuable part of the democratic (small “D”) process. It allows all constituents of the district to have a forum where their individual voice can – and should – be heard by the appropriate elected official.

Banks began with a verbal call-out to all of the local – Republican – elected officials in attendance. After his opening remarks, he opened the floor to questions. We had been instructed we were to keep our comments/questions brief but were not informed of the time constraints of the town hall. The meeting abruptly ended after 75 minutes – without warning and with many raised hands not called upon.

In response to a question regarding health care availability, he stated/suggested that most people agree Obamacare is a failure. There were many (10 to 15) participants who spontaneously, loudly and strongly tried to dispute his comment. When Banks was able to talk over the outcry, his seemingly dismissive reply included, “except for the Democrats (large 'D') in the room.”

Banks should be reminded that all of us are his constituents. Allen County makes up 50% of his district, and Fort Wayne makes up 36% of his district. In addition, although he won the 2018 election with 64.7% of the vote (down from 70.1% in 2016), he won Allen County with just 56.4% of the vote.

Hopefully, Banks will choose to re-schedule a town hall for the largest-populated and least-supportive portion of his district. And, hopefully, he will present it not as a Republican political rally but as an opportunity for him to show respect to all of the constituents of Indiana's 3rd congressional District.

Patricia Murphy

Fort Wayne

Protecting our youngest

It's getting embarrassing to be called human beings anymore when people are continuing to hurt and kill babies and children. So I'm suggesting at every exit in a hospital, bar, fast-food restaurant and the like, maybe even on the dollar bill, the following words in bold letters (keep it simple and imprinted in their brains!):



Don DeKeyzer

Fort Wayne 

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