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One final look at our picks for primaries

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, with strongly contested races for municipal offices across the region. Our editorial board recaps its choices for key races in Fort Wayne and New Haven:

Fort Wayne mayor

Democratic ballot

Gina M. Burgess

√ Thomas C. Henry 

Tommy A. Schrader 

“First elected in 2008, Henry has presided over some of the most promising years in Fort Wayne's history, as the downtown area has been revitalized and the city has become the center of an effort to improve the quality of life throughout the region.”

Republican ballot

√ John Crawford

David Christopher Roach

Tim Smith

“Crawford championed the Riverfront and pushed Henry to move more quickly on Electric Works. He has taken the lead on some necessary but difficult measures, including tax increases targeted for specific local needs, and he has helped lead the opposition when the Henry administration overstepped, as in the annexation debacle.”

 Fort Wayne City Council at large

(nominate three)

Democratic ballot

√ MaryClare Akers

√ Michelle Chambers

Steve Corona

√ Glynn A. Hines

Curtis Nash

“Hines' record on council and the unique perspectives offered by Chambers and Akers make them the three best choices for Democratic voters.”

Republican ballot

√ Michael Barranda

√ Thomas Freistroffer

√ Nathan Hartman

Eric Tippmann

Joseph (Joe) Townsend

“(Barranda) proved to be an effective member in his first term, lending his legal expertise in improving council procedures. ... (Freistroffer) cast informed, thoughtful votes on several controversial zoning measures, including a request to rezone a residential area along West Jefferson Boulevard for commercial use. ... (Hartman) served on the board for the Cable Access Fund and Citilink and is president of the Allen County Economic Development Commission.”

Fort Wayne Council, District 3

Democratic ballot

√ Palermo “Pal” Galindo

John J. Henry

“Galindo's sense of the community's needs has been honed during 10 years as the mayoral administration's point person for residents and neighborhoods.”

Republican ballot

√ Thomas F. Didier

Mike Thomas

“Didier's pragmatic approach has included voting to fund Electric Works and to support an increase in local option income taxes and creation of a city wheel tax to help maintain streets despite his anti-tax instincts.”

Fort Wayne Council, District 4

Democratic ballot

Jorge Fernandez

√ Patti Hays

Republican ballot

Jason Arp

√ Rachel Lott

“We endorse Republican Lott and Democrat Hays as two potentially worthy successors to a councilman who needs to be retired.”

Fort Wayne Council, District 6

Democratic ballot

Tom M. Cook

Hakim Muhammad

√ Sharon Tucker

“We endorse Tucker, a consensus-builder with the skill to advocate for her district as well as an understanding of the city's wider needs.”

New Haven mayor

Republican ballot

√ Steve McMichael

Robert “Bob” Nelson

Steve Poiry

“Each of the candidates has a clear passion for improving the city, but McMichael also has the range of experience to make a difference there.”

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