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Saturday, May 14, 2022 1:00 am


Support in surviving sexual violence

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No matter what, survivors of sexual violence are worthy of community support. That's why the Women's Fund of Greater Fort Wayne announced the launch of a new campaign Tuesday.

Called “No Matter What,” it strives to quickly and quietly connect survivors of sexual violence with up-to-date community resources.

“We realized that out in the community, we kept hearing stories of sexual assault survivors and not knowing where to go to access the specific resource they needed to get better and get help. And we decided to create that resource,” Cassie Beer, director of the Women's Fund at the Community Foundation, told WANE-TV shortly after Tuesday's news conference. “So it's a one-stop shop. If you need a forensic rape kit, if you need mental health services, if you need legal or financial support, this website will direct you to exactly what you're looking for.”

Women's Fund members will be dropping off QR code stickers to more than 40 businesses, libraries, fitness centers, restaurants and bars that have agreed to place them in bathrooms. Those wanting to spread the word or get free stickers can head to the Women's Fund website and sign up to have stickers delivered by May 20 and 21.

Sexual violence survivors need only take a photo of the QR code, which will take them to the No Matter What website.

“We need sexual violence survivors in our community to know they are worthy of easily accessible resources to support them in their time of need, no matter what,” Beer said.

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