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Saturday, July 25, 2020 1:00 am

Back to normal on the fields - cautiously

Sports is struggling back to the national stage. Soccer, Major League Baseball, golf, auto racing, the NBA and NHL. College and high school sports are trying their best to follow.

For the cooped-up sports fan, it's a great pleasure to turn on sports channels and see live competition instead of grainy film and stale discussion about a game from decades earlier.

The fact that those participating are just as vulnerable to the coronavirus as the rest of us is something no one should forget. It is possible the NBA has transcended this fear with its “bubble” in Orlando, Florida, for the season interrupted this spring. We shall see.

But profits, pride and other pressures mustn't be allowed to get ahead of responsible decision-making at all levels of sports.

And there are no bubbles for the college and high school athletes, many of whom are now grinding away at practice for fall seasons. These young athletes are motivated by an irresistible love of the games they pursue. And for the fans, few pleasures can match the prospect of an autumn clash and victory over an old rival. The excitement is real and momentum is building – just read the comments from coaches and players in this paper's sports section every day.

But the adults who supervise these young athletes must bear the responsibility for taking things one at a time and being ready to blow the whistle on their seasons if it seems prudent.

In the meantime, cautiously begin to welcome back our old friends. As with all of us, we will find these months have changed sports, which may just make us appreciate them more.

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