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Wednesday, January 29, 2020 1:00 am

'The tide of liberty'

Richmond gun rally confirms cause of God-fearing, America-loving patriots

Emery W. McClendon

What did the recent Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia, teach us? It's a strong lesson that the liberal establishment and their mainstream media allies are selling us lies. A new tea party is brewing!

In the days before the rally, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam – most famous outside the state for a photo of him allegedly in blackface – declared a state of emergency and curtailed the civil rights of gun owners. Another Charlottesville riot was forecast as the media called it a “white nationalist” event.

What happened? More than 20,000 people voiced their support for the right to keep and bear arms. Many brought firearms, and yet no one was shot. There was no violence. The one arrest was for wearing a mask.

At the end of the rally, those who were supposed to have trashed the city actually cleaned up Richmond on their way out of town.

An alleged alt-right was diverse in gender, race and sexuality. It was enough to make Northam's face turn red.

The fact is that people are tired of government overreach and progressive policies infringing on our natural and constitutional rights. They let that be known in Richmond. Northam and his staff should have learned their lesson after seeing similar responses at President Donald Trump's jam-packed rallies across the country.

The tide of liberty is rising, and time will tell whether liberals get the message. It's something they ignore at their peril.

People are fed up with progressives' attempts to destroy our country with their political agenda. It would seem that those seeking to grind America down would see the light and ride the wave. But that's not in their nature.

Richmond was quite a sight to see as peaceful attendees stood up for our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It's a stunning contrast to the violent antifa riots in places such as Portland, Oregon, and Seattle.

Even with the rumors of possible violence and trouble hanging over their heads if they attended, thousands of people carried their firearms, waved their flags and sang and chanted pro-American slogans.

Compare that to what happens in liberal-run cities. For example, the previous weekend saw 12 people shot and five killed in just one night of violence in Baltimore. Washington, D.C.'s first homicide was on Jan. 4. Richmond's first homicide was reported a mere 15 minutes into the new year.

Meanwhile, at the rally, not a single shot was fired. No violence. That's a hallmark of responsible firearms ownership. And those people were responsible, God-fearing citizens. They did not gather to destroy. They did not gather to start a shooting spree. They gathered to show peaceful support for our founding principles.

They gathered to show support for keeping our nation unified and strong.

Social media was filled with coverage of the event, but what about the mainstream media? As usual, when the reality failed their predicted narrative, they neglected to cover it. Good news is no news.

In doing so, they missed the biggest lesson.

By and large, Americans are fed up with the progressive socialist agenda. They are displaying their feelings by attending these kinds of rallies.

Americans support the polices of President Donald Trump because they are renewing our country in their hearts. His policies are making the American dream accessible once again for all Americans. They see hope in a president who loves his country.

The media, Hollywood and progressive politicians have tried to deter good people from doing something positive. It failed, and it will continue to fail. When people who fear God and love their country have a good cause to support, they will come.

The American spirit is once again on the rise. In Richmond, they came, they rallied and they proved that – when it comes to restoring and rebuilding our country – people will come.

It's is time the liberal establishment opened its eyes to see the tide of liberty is heading toward our shore.

Emery W. McClendon is a Fort Wayne resident.

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