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Sunday, November 22, 2020 1:00 am

New library books

The following books on architecture and design are newly available through the Allen County Public Library.

“The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design” by Roman Mars

The creators of the record-setting 99% Invisible podcast celebrate the achievements of modern urban design and architecture, sharing the origin stories behind fundamental innovations.

“Right of Way: Race, Class, and the Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America" by Angie Schmitt

A surprising study of anti-pedestrian urban planning reveals pedestrian traffic deaths are predictable, occurring in stark geographic patterns that tell a story about systemic inequality.

“The Great Indoors: The Surprising Science of How Buildings Shape Our Behavior, Health, and Happiness” by Emily Anthes

The science journalist explores the impact of urban environments on physical and mental health, revealing the latest technological developments in smart construction.

“Brave New Home: Our Future in Smarter, Simpler, Happier Housing” by Diana Lind

A look how the American dream of single-family homes has turned into a nightmare and suggests alternative living arrangements as a solution.

“The Interior Design Handbook: Furnish, Decorate, and Style Your Space” by Frida Ramstedt

A Scandinavian design guru presents this comprehensive, authoritative guide in which she shares the basic principles of design, covering foundational rules and how-tos of design and decoration.

“Broken Glass: Mies Van Der Rohe, Edith Farnsworth, and the Fight over a Modernist Masterpiece” by Alex Beam

The story of the relationship that gave birth to the Farnsworth House and disintegrated into a bitter feud over love, money, gender and the very nature of art.

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