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Sunday, May 17, 2020 1:00 am

New library books

The following police procedurals are newly available for download from the Allen County Public Library.

“Hid from Our Eyes” by Julia Spencer-Fleming

Police chief Russ van Alstyne races to solve a baffling murder that eerily resembles two unsolved killings from decades earlier for which he was the prime suspect.

“A Bad Day for Sunshine” by Darynda Jones

Challenged to prove herself when her New Mexico community becomes the center of a nationwide manhunt, Police Chief Sunshine Vicram is seduced by an alluring FBI agent and a sultry U.S. marshal who test her feelings for a childhood crush.

“Hard Cash Valley” by Brian Panowich

Investigating a murder in a Jacksonville motel room, Dane Kirby and his FBI counterpart, Special Agent Roselita Velasquez, find themselves in a race against time to save a boy on the autism spectrum whose savant talents are being violently exploited.

 “Cut and Run” by Allison Brennan

FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid must reconstruct an old crime to find a missing child in the present day, while her husband helps an investigative reporter find the truth after a confessed killer recants his statement, leading them all down the darkest corridors of corporate crime where their cases intersect.

“Stone Cross” by Marc Cameron

Investigating a series of death threats against a federal judge in a rural Alaskan community, Deputy U.S. Marshal Arliss Cutter and his partner, Lola Teariki, find the case complicated by suspicious local disappearances and deaths.

“The Secrets They Left Behind” by Lissa Marie Redmond

After two college freshmen go missing and the trail goes cold, a young Buffalo police officer, still reeling emotionally and physically from a previous case, goes undercover as a student to determine what happened the night they disappeared.

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