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Wednesday, November 24, 2021 1:00 am

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Approaching holidays with caution and joy

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One thing we can be thankful for this Thanksgiving is that, with the holidays just around the corner, lots of people in northeast Indiana are not letting down their guard on COVID.

They are planning Thanksgiving gatherings with care. Maskless for small family-and-friend groups who have been vaccinated. Along with picking up the turkey and trimmings, they may be planning a stop at a local vaccination site for a booster or grabbing some self-administered quick-result COVID tests. If they choose to brave the crowds on Black Friday, they'll do so double-masked and with an effort to distance.

They do all this, of course, because they understand the inconvenient truth that the pandemic is not yet over. We all yearn for the day when it is. But to pretend that day has arrived, when people here and elsewhere are still getting very sick and dying, is to court danger. Thankfully, people who care about the health and safety of their families will not delude themselves.

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