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Saturday, June 27, 2020 1:00 am

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City adds transparency on diversity

The community celebrated the election of three Black members to Fort Wayne City Council last November, but city government overall has been losing ground on diversity.

Former councilman Tim Pape pointed to the lack of Black representation on the powerful Redevelopment Commission, Legacy Fund, Capital Improvement Board and Plan Commission in a letter to Mayor Tom Henry.

He also pointed to another problem: “It's difficult, perhaps impossible, to find a list of Henry's appointees online,” Pape wrote in the letter, published here June 9. “Transparency is a great cure to so many things. The mayor should immediately order that all city boards, commissions and appointments be posted online and make sure they can be readily found and accessed.”

Henry stepped up. A link on the boards and commissions page for the mayor's office includes a complete list of city boards, with another link to the names of board and commission members. The latter also includes appointment details, including additional qualifications and dates of the board members' current term.

Also found on the page is a link to the application to serve. The call for diversity is bearing fruit: Council members Glynn Hines and Sharon Tucker have presented the mayor with a list of 40 residents willing and qualified to serve. 

The online list is a good addition to the city's website and deserves regular updates.

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A new link on the city's website provides names and appointment information:

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