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Monday, March 23, 2020 1:00 am

Five Questions for Tiffany Gooden

Attorney and Indiana basketball great

1 Fort Wayne was preparing to host its first-ever NCAA women's basketball regional tournament when all men's and women's games were canceled. The move surprised some who thought the organization would allow the tournament to go on without fans in attendance. Do you think the NCAA made the right decision?

I think the NCAA did what it thought was best under the circumstances. The student-athlete's health and safety is top priority. When some of the NBA players started testing positive for COVID-19, that was a game changer.


2 Young athletes work for years toward the dream of playing in the national tournament. Was all that effort wasted this time?

It is disappointing. However, all the young athletes who worked hard to be the best they can be have only learned how to strive to be great and when they face adversity, they can overcome it. They poured their hearts out to put themselves in the best position to be successful and that will serve them well in life.


3 Coaches often talk about how losing is character-building. Does that apply to this year's cancellations? Is not getting a chance to play this year harder than losing a big game?



4 Do you think Fort Wayne will be able to host a tournament in the near future?

Absolutely. Fort Wayne is a great city with a great venue. The effort it takes to land an NCAA tournament site is huge, and the leadership in Fort Wayne knows how to do it. I think the NCAA will be deferential to Fort Wayne given the circumstances.


5 After this is over, do you think sports can play a role in helping the nation heal?

Sports have always played an integral role in uniting the nation. You have people coming together from different backgrounds for a common cause. Right now, that is what this country needs.

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