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Friday, September 03, 2021 1:00 am

Charges filed in slaying of 2 women

Suspected gunman still at large; police seek tips

JAMIE DUFFY | The Journal Gazette

Two women cowered in a bathroom, texting desperately to friends to come help them as a man they knew waved a handgun around and threatened them.

Minutes later, Jennifer Dray, 40, and Amanda Shroyer, 30, were dead, both from multiple gunshot wounds.

Marina Zrnic, 31, was charged Thursday with felony murder and attempted robbery in their April 20 deaths and was identified as the person who drove the alleged shooter, Ronald Wayne Price, 48, to 815 Third St.

Fort Wayne police asked the public Thursday to help find Price, described as 6-foot-1, white and about 190 pounds with blue eyes. Although Price has not been formally charged, police identified him as a homicide suspect and said he is dangerous. 

The chaotic scene described in a probable cause affidavit said Dray and Joshua Dube were fighting over the belongings of Walter Cash, the man renting the home where the women died. Dube, Cash's brother-in-law, and others believed that Dray was responsible for Cash's overdose death four days before the women's deaths, court records said. 

Dube said he wanted to confront Dray about the overdose, but he also went for drugs stashed in a green duffel bag. Two hours later, he was pulled over by Fort Wayne police and the Allen County Drug Task Force.

He was captured with a Glock handgun and another handgun on his hip, neither of which was fired at the death scene, according to court records.

In the duffel bag, police discovered 1,008 grams of methamphetamine, 58 grams of cocaine, and 25.6 grams of heroin, court documents said.

After the traffic stop, Dube was charged with dealing methamphetamine, cocaine and a narcotic drug.

Dube was texting Zrnic while he was at the Third Street home where Dray continued to live after Cash's death. He wanted Zrnic to pick up a red Chevrolet Trailblazer he owned and Dray had been using, court documents said.

She left her room at Hawthorn Suites and arrived with someone identified as “d” and Price. It's unclear what role “d” played.

Zrnic texted Dube, “I'm on the way. Keep front door open” and “Ron and d with me ron going in.”

Zrnic told police in an April 28 interview that she only knew Price because she would buy “smoke” off him. She said she thought Dray had Cash's “product,” a word used for drugs, because Cash's safe had been cleared out and that she brought Price as her bodyguard. 

In an interview Wednesday with homicide detective Ben MacDonald, Zrnic said once she arrived Price “just pushed past me and started shooting,” court documents said. 

As they entered, Shroyer cracked open the bathroom door “and that is when he started shooting her and Jennifer Dray,” court documents said. Betty Davis, Shroyer's mother, said Shroyer was visiting the home when the shooting deaths occurred.

“She was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” Davis said.

Zrnic was being held without bond and has a court hearing scheduled for Wednesday. 

Anyone with information on Price's whereabouts is asked to call 911 immediately.

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