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Friday, July 30, 2021 1:00 am

Man charged with murder try

Allegedly shot at girlfriend 7 times

JAMIE DUFFY | The Journal Gazette

Shana Marie Davis hadn't been at her home on Chippenham Drive for 15 minutes when she tried to escape from her boyfriend, Nicholas Mitchell, who was in a rage and accusing her of cheating on him. 

About 10 p.m. Sunday, Mitchell shot at Davis seven times with a .45-caliber gun, four of the bullets striking her, according to a police report filed by Detective Calvin Dubose. Mitchell confessed to shooting her. 

If neighbor Laura Sharp hadn't risked her life and ordered him to stop shooting, throwing herself between the couple, Davis' family believes she wouldn't be alive.

Thursday morning as the family spoke to The Journal Gazette, Davis' sister-in-law, Tracy Webb, sobbed when she heard charges against Mitchell were upgraded to attempted murder instead of the initial charges of domestic battery. 

Mitchell was also charged Thursday with aggravated battery when the assault poses a substantial risk of death and using a firearm in the commission of an offense where serious bodily injury or death results. 

Mitchell was released Thursday evening for a second time on a $150,000 bond, according to a spokesman at the Allen County Jail.

Now the neighbors are worried he may try to come back to the home the couple shared in the Carrington Pointe housing addition off Cook Road at Huguenard Road, the Sharps said.

Others are worried for the safety of Davis, released Thursday from the intensive care unit at Parkview Regional Medical Center, Webb said. Davis is unable to speak and has no mobility in her left arm “because the bullet went into the muscle in her left shoulder,” Webb said. 

Davis also has a colostomy bag. “They removed her intestines to get the (bullet) shards out of her,” Webb said. 

The injuries are devastating for Davis, 37, who is a semi driver. Both she and Mitchell, 23, also a truck driver, planned on driving a big rig together, Webb said. 

Davis was on her way back from dropping off a puppy in Wisconsin when she decided to spend the night in her hometown of Waukegan, Illinois, because she was too exhausted to make it to Indiana, something Webb said Mitchell was well aware of. 

Sharp, a certified nursing assistant, said she didn't know Davis before the shooting, but the two families have now formed a bond. Sharp and her husband, Shaun Sharp, attended Mitchell's court hearing at the Bud Meeks Justice Center on Thursday morning. 

Shaun Sharp remembers his wife running to Davis' aid after they heard the shots from inside their home and stepped out to investigate. Laura Sharp remembers “barking orders” and pleading with people to bring her shirts to put pressure on the wound. Fourteen people in the neighborhood witnessed the aftermath, they said. 

Laura Sharp wasn't allowed to accompany Davis to the hospital because she wasn't a family member, although Davis begged Sharp to call “her mama” right after the shooting. 

“She wasn't family,” Shaun Sharp said. “Now we're all family.” 

Laura Sharp ordered Mitchell away from Davis and told him to go to the light pole. When police arrived, they approached with assault rifles until she told them the gun was on the ground and he wasn't armed, Shaun Sharp said. 

On an Xfinity home security video from outside the Sharps' home, several shots can be heard and then Davis' screams, but other videos exist of the shooting. 

After he shot her, Mitchell said it was a mistake, Shaun Sharp recalled. 

“The fact that we acted so quick and got down there,” he said. “Let's say we weren't even home. Would there be anyone else who went down and did what (Laura) did? She (Davis) could have potentially bled out before the medics got there.”

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