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Wednesday, July 14, 2021 1:00 am

Religious teacher accused of molesting

JAMIE DUFFY | The Journal Gazette

Her religious teacher told her Allah would punish her and she would go to hell if she didn't have sex with him. He also told her he would kill himself for the same reason, court records said. 

Now the religious teacher, Karim Bin Rahim, 43, of the 6000 block of Kent Road, has been charged with child molesting, child seduction where the defendant has a professional relationship with child and has intercourse, child seduction where the child care worker engages in fondling or touching with a child 13 years or under and child molesting involving a child under the age of 14. 

The victim was one of six students taking lessons on the Koran and advanced lessons to become teachers. The students would stay later than others and Rahim would transport the students home in his black Nissan SUV, court documents said. The parents paid for the transportation. 

From April through June, Rahim courted the victim, first telling her he had a dream they were married. One or two days before school closed for a month during Ramadan, he told the victim she'd be his wife soon and she needed to marry him, not because she loved him but that she had to “get closer to God to become a teacher.” 

She said she agreed on that reasoning and because of his “high status.” The marriage was conducted through a phone where there were allegedly two witnesses. After Rahim read scriptures, he told her they were married and “connected so if she did not make him (Rahim) happy, God would not make her happy,” court records said. 

Then Rahim told her that if he wanted to have physical contact with her, she would have to allow it because “not having physical contact with your husband is one of the biggest sins in their religion you can commit.” She told Rahim she was too young, court documents said. 

Rahim threatened divorce, striking fear in the victim that she would be “far from God.” He took her to his new, empty house where he slept with the victim, court records said. 

Her mother discovered the situation June 8 when she returned from work about midnight June 7 and couldn't find her daughter. A half-hour later, the victim sneaked into her home, hoping to avoid speaking to her mother. She'd been dropped off at a neighbor's home in a black Nissan SUV, court documents said. 

The victim was taken to the Fort Wayne Sexual Assault Treatment Center and later was interviewed at the Dr. Bill Lewis Center for Children.

Rahim was released from Allen County Jail on $55,000 bond. He has a court hearing today.

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