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Wednesday, May 15, 2019 12:30 pm

Kestrel nest prompts developer to delay project

Associated Press

CLEVELAND -- The discovery of kestrels nesting on the exterior of a Cleveland commercial building has prompted a developer to delay some rehabilitation work for as long as two months while the chicks are raised.

WOIO-TV reported Snavely Group project manager Walt Gachuck made the decision after five eggs were discovered in a nest at the building near the West Side Market in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood. Kestrels are a type of falcon.

The eggs hatched Saturday. A web cam has been installed to provide a live bird's eye view of the kestrels.

The nest was discovered when adult kestrels began dive-bombing construction workers. Snavely has installed netting beneath the nest in case one of the chicks falls out.

The $11 million project is scheduled to be completed in October.

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