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Thursday, July 22, 2021 1:00 am

Zoo train wheel slips; riders helped off

JAMIE DUFFY | The Journal Gazette

Passengers on the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo's train had to be escorted off Wednesday when one of the wheels came off the ride, a zoo official said.

At 2:20 p.m., the train driver stopped the four-car Z.O.&O. Railroad and asked for everyone to stay seated until zoo staff arrived to escort them, by foot or by cart, to the train station, Rick Schuiteman, the zoo's executive director, said Wednesday evening.

He estimated the train was full at about 50 people. Each car has five rows and holds about 12 people, he added.

One woman who walked back to the station felt some discomfort and asked staff to call 911, Schuiteman said.

State ride inspectors inspected the ride later in the day, Schuiteman said. The ride will stay closed until a report is done and will probably not be open today.

The wheel came off the train near the entrance to the Australian outback area.

“One of the wheels came off the track. Nothing fell over,” Schuiteman said. “Nothing tipped over and there wasn't a crash, no accidents. One of the wheels from one of the cars slipped off the track.”

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