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July 13, 1959: Dog climbs slide

COREY MCMAKEN | The Journal Gazette

Readers were asked to share fun captions for photos in this month's History Journal column.

Grace L. Bates of Fort Wayne imagines this Dalmatian saying "You put me up here – you get me down – arf arf. I'm not just kiddin' around!"

But it turns out the dog got itself up there!

I was quickly scrolling through pages on microfilm in the JG's library a while back when I zoomed right past this page. About five seconds later, it registered with me what I had seen – or what I thought I had seen, at least – and I had to scroll back to double check. Yes, that was a dog climbing a ladder.

Some other captions:

• "I can't do the pole, but I can handle a slide!" – Amy Beatty, Fort Wayne

• "The firemen at the station thought this was safer than the firepole!" – Janet Hakes

• "Can someone call my friends at the fire station?" – Thom Obergfell

• " this the only way down?" – Janice Kline, Mark Center, Ohio

• "Are you double daring me?" – Virginia Clark, Fort Wayne

• "I've heard of a dog sled, but not a dog slide!" – Eric Eckman

• "Hope they put this on the fire truck," – Al Lichtsinn, Fort Wayne

• "Doggone slide." – Eleanor Guthrie, Fort Wayne

• "Pull that fire truck closer!" – Herm Abbott, Auburn

• "Mom, watch this! Mom, watch. MOM!" – William Krebs, Fort Wayne

• "I never thought fire training would be this intense." – Dan Kelker

• "Shall I slide on my belly or my back?" – Greg Racine, Fort Wayne

• "Did I mention I'm afraid of heights?" – Dicia Barnhouse, Churubusco

The real story: While visiting the Fort Wayne State School Day Camp at Round Lake for a different assignment, Journal Gazette photographer Dailey Fogle came across this Dalmation named Banjo who was showing off his skills.

Banjo could climb the ladder and then sort of walk-slide down the slide. Camp directors said Banjo, owned by Louis Veale, was good therapy for the boys and girls.

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