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Thursday, June 25, 2020 1:00 am

Sept. 23, 1982: Dog pulls baby cart

COREY MCMAKEN | The Journal Gazette

Readers were asked to share fun captions for photos in this month's History Journal column.

“Hope my dog doesn’t see that squirrel,” reader Russ Wolpert wrote in his submitted caption. That might have made for quite a wild ride!

Some other captions:

• "He protects me. I protect his." – Robert Beatty, Fort Wayne

• "Pictured is the only entry in Fort Wayne's 'Grizzly Adams Goes For a Walk With His Family, Parade!'" – Jim Barron, Fort Wayne

• "When he said I was to be a service dog, I thought it was like one of those handbag pooches for some celebrity. But nooo, he wanted real service." – John Harless, Fort Wayne

• "Why are you looking at me like that? I'm doing baby siting and dog sitting with one leash – that's like killing two birds with one stone." Jody Beauchot, Decatur

• "My ticket didn't say 'obstructed view.'" – D.R. Murphy, Fort Wayne

• "I was bred as a rescue dog, not to parade my master's child around the neighborhood" – Doug Reed, Fort Wayne

• "Baby Olivia is thankful that Sampson recently gave up chasing squirrels." – Barb Hunsberger

• "Chick magnets – nothing better than dogs and dolls!" – Marsha Roehling, Fort Wayne

• "Phew! Dad must have fed Fido beans for lunch again!" – Jim McFadden, Fort Wayne

• "No, I don't have my license plates yet. The BMV has been closed." – Edna Osborne, Fort Wayne

• "Don't you know Dad – babies are much better chick magnets than dogs." – Pat Guido, Columbia City

• "When you need to watch the baby AND walk the dog." – Ellen Dalrymple, Fort Wayne

• "I'll be glad when the car gets fixed." – Tom Booth, Fort Wayne

• "When Charlie decided to practice social distancing during the Corona pandemic, hitching up Beethoven to the baby doll harness cart did wonders for achieving it." – Tim Grossman

• "Please God, don't let my friends see me pulling what I'm pulling!" – Grace Bates, Fort Wayne

• "I Just wanted to walk the dog. Wife said to take the baby, too." – James Ross, Columbia City

The real story: Lots folks submitting captions for this photo seem to assume this was a doll and not a real baby. But no. Larry Schohl got creative with leftover lawnmower parts, some tubing and a child's chair to make this cart so the family's dog, Brandy, could pull his 3-month-old daughter, Kira.

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