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Thursday, February 20, 2020 10:10 am

1916: Leonard and Geller's Grocer

COREY MCMAKEN | The Journal Gazette

I've been wanting to share some items from earlier in our archives, but our photo negative collection only goes as far back as 1947. There is a file of Fort Wayne Historic Photos in The Journal Gazette's library, but little information (including the sources) is provided with the photos.

Here is one of them. It is listed as being from 1916.

The only information provided says it is of Bill Beneke, left, and Ralph Heminger at Leonard and Geller's Grocer on the southeast corner of Broadway and Taylor Street (the area of George's International Grocery today).

An address seen in the photo lists it as being at 1027 (it would have been Taylor Street). A sign in the window advertises a deal for a free cake of Palmolive soap.

If anyone has more info about the photo, store or men pictured, email me at I'd love to update this item and our files with more details.

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