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Tuesday, July 20, 2021 1:00 am

Divorce filings

Allen Circuit Court

Birch – Vanessa R. and Adam C.

Rodocker – Alexis R. and Steven C.

Odigie-Okon – Esosa and Emmanuel Okon

Johnson – Shayla and James Shaw

Amaya Miranda – Kendra J. and Kevin J.

Strange – Jacob and Alexis

Riecken – Kylie and Ryan

Fought – Bernard E. and Meagan Anne

Vanover – Amanda and Michael

Harris – Angela N. and Andrew E. Jr.

Morris – Jenna and Charlie III

Grossnickle – Brandy Lynn and Jason Roger

Braggeman – Shelbie and Nicholas

Berger – Gloria M. and Daniel T.

Walsh – Ryan C. and Brian W. Reasoner

Kortenber – Steven J. and Deborah S. Bixler

Poll – Kaye McKenzie and Grant R. Veith

Maple – Nancy and Gary Jr.

Allen Superior Court

Holley – Naomi and Tavoris Chapman

Nicolas – Kristi and Joseph

Jones – Hannah L. and Davyd J.

Veazey – Shaunteea L. and Avery G.

Richey – Cheryl D. and Ryan B.

Pierre – Sandra and Stanley Benjamin

Hickey – Kathleen L. and John W.

Prince – Michael and Clarissa

Shackelford – Lisa S. and Cameron L.

Rapson – Timothy Jr. and Stacy L.

Grossnickle – Jason R. and Brandy L.

Kelsaw – Nakeve and Bermin Paul

Menor – Christine M. and Villa J.

Divorce filings, which include divorce and legal separations, are provided by the Allen County clerk's office. For questions about published listings, not the actual filing, call Terri Richardson, 461-8304, or email

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