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Tuesday, April 06, 2021 1:00 am

Divorce filings

Allen Circuit Court

Guerin – Sabrina Page and Joshua David

Kasongo – Angele M. and Archange-Michel M.

Jennison – Kristene Elizabeth and Stephen Joseph

Robinson – Tikoyo and Daqwanna

Wilson – Walkena and Kellen

Brown – Lavon and Walter

Robinson – Levon Daniel and Shannon Nicole Wilmovsky

Abbott – Amber L. and Robert J.

Woodward – Jessica and Chad

Mount – Matthew and Raelyn Pattison

Haxhiu – Gjergj and Tamika Rozema

Gaff – Chad M. and Vivian E.

Ramirez – Melody Diaz and Juan

Rey Sandoval – Nancy S. and Miguel A. Sandoval

Logan – Ausben Sr. and Brenda Rashonda

Wnetrzak Osmun – Skylar and Corey A Osmun

Allen Superior Court

Truchon – Suzanne P. and Nathan D.

Ngo – Anh and Ut Do

Hooks – Alyssa Kate Elaine and Tony

Marin – Leonor Alejandra and Altredo Velasco Gallardo

Stampley – Christina Renee and Lionel

Pape – Jeffeny A. and Yunah

Howell – Pamela Rae and Matthew Paul

Parham – Siyona L. and Charles L. II

Smith – Janelle and Shawn

Payton – Patrick Ill and Chelsey

Steger – Zachary and Pamela

Brownlee – Gene E. and Linda Margaret Mackin Brownlee

Divorce filings, which include divorce and legal separations, are provided by the Allen County clerk's office. For questions about published listings, not the actual filing, call Terri Richardson, 461-8304, or email

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