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Sunday, February 28, 2021 1:00 am

Readers share pandemic activities

TERRI RICHARDSON | The Journal Gazette

Here are additional reader submissions on what they have done to get through the pandemic.

Holiday skirt

Mary E. Bell of Fort Wayne says she "re-started" a project that she began and later shelved in 2016 because of a family tragedy.

"I embroidered, completely by hand, a Christmas tree skirt for my niece. I spent over 100 hours sewing each bead, sequin, and embroidery stitch with love. I sewed on 964 beads, 814 sequins, over 200 pieces of felt, and about a half dozen mistakes that add character to the finished piece."

Hiking and biking

Various members of Fort Wayne resident Karen Bieberich's family, including husband, Eric, sons Noah and Luke and daughter Grace, went hiking or biking in six of Indiana's state parks in 2020.

Getting artsy

Karen Jansen of Fort Wayne says that she tried her skills at wood burning and comic strip drawing. "I started drawing comic characters since a child. It's pretty fun and rewarding."

Write away

"Some activities I've been doing since the shutdown have been writing poetry, song lyrics, essays, novels, jokes, watching movies, reading books, posting on Facebook and YouTube," writes David Sowards of Fort Wayne.

Making memories

"I started a photo album/scrapbook trying to capture the feel of 2020," says Joan Guevara of Fort Wayne. "I've been taking pictures of downtown, my neighborhood when walking before work/during lunch and Facebook postings. I've also kept newspapers, postcard mailings and the package from a mask that was a gift."

Training at home

As the founding member of the Fort Wayne Dance Collective and its former artistic director until 2015, Liz Monnier of Fort Wayne completed training in the Feldenkrais Method, a somatic approach to movement re-education which allowed her to work privately and in groups to help individuals improve movement efficiency and function. However, when COVID-19 closed schools and community centers last March, Monnier found the she was unable to do any kind of teaching or serving clients. So she instead decided to take the time to do additional training.

"I have taken this open opportunity to continue my studies in a like-minded practice called 'Bones for Life,'" she says by email. "As the title states, this program is designed to stimulate bone strength through natural movement and weight-bearing postures. Prior to COVID-19 I had hoped to attend this training in Cincinnati, Ohio, through an organization called Future Life Now, but now it was being offered online! I completed 50 hours of training from May through December and am currently enrolled in Segment 3. Trainings will continue through the summer online and then we hope to all be able to be together in Cincinnati for our graduation in October 2021. The option to train at home certainly has been convenient but I look forward to the time that I can meet my fellow students and trainers in person."

Keeping sew busy

Pendy Selking of Decatur has been keeping busy during this time by volunteering, traveling Indiana, sewing and crocheting. She writes that she quilted and crocheted lap blankets for cancer patients at the VA Hospital, wrote thank you notes to family and friends (actually sending them by snail mail) and worked on masks and dresses for Yvonne Marie's Antique Shop in Decatur.




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