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Sunday, January 24, 2021 1:00 am

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Centennials cherish their time together

TERRI RICHARDSON | The Journal Gazette

Bob and Jody Schowe's relationship can be explained in numbers.

The first is 100. That's how old they are, both of them hitting the milestone in September. And if that wasn't celebration enough, they marked their 20th wedding anniversary in October.

And there is the number 2. This is the second marriage for each of them after their spouses passed away. In addition, they have two sons – one from each of the previous marriages – and a granddaughter.

Bob and Jody also have twin siblings.

Bob says he was the runt of the two boys. And because his family wasn't sure he would make it, his brother was named after his father.

Jody and her sister were identical twins and were the only twins at St. Peter's Catholic School in Fort Wayne, she says. She says they did a lot of things with a twin organization when they were younger.

Of course, even among all the numbers, the Schowes' story also includes a lot of living during those 200 combined years.

Bob was the owner of Cottage Flowers for 75 years before retiring about five years ago when the couple moved to Saint Anne Communities.

Bob met Jody when she was his wife's hairdresser for many years. Later, Jody got a job working at Cottage Flowers. She worked there 12 years.

The pandemic has caused the couple to stay indoors much of the time and they don't get many visitors. However, their granddaughter calls every day, they say.

The couple used to do a lot of things together, Bob says. They played cards and used to bowl. They still like to walk around the area surrounding their retirement community, but they haven't been able to get out that much these days.

But Bob admits that most of his time was spent working.

“We worked so much that we didn't have time for pleasure,” he says. “I never took a vacation in my life.”

He never had a time card, he says. But that's what happens when you're the boss.

Bob says turning 100 just seemed like another day. He never expected to live this long.

“I can't believe it,” Jody says about turning 100. “(I) still feel the same as I was when I was 20.”

But for most of us, that's a good thing when you're dealing with numbers.

Senior portrait

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