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Thursday, February 13, 2020 1:00 am

There might be an oil for what ails you

MICHELLE DAVIES | The Journal Gazette

“Is there an oil for that?” is a phrase that I hear often at my house.

While the question is mostly said as a joke, sometimes they actually want to know. It isn't cooking oil my family is asking about, but the essential oils I've been using more than six years. What started out as a whim to see if these tiny vials of magic actually work has become a daily routine for me.

I use them for aches and pains, energy, household cleaning and as a diffuser. I don't often use them in food, but I have been known to put a few drops of basil and oregano in my spaghetti sauce.

Applying essential oils to the skin takes some research. Some oils can run “hot” and burn the skin: Peppermint and oregano are two examples. Before applying a “hot” oil, it is recommended that you apply a layer of oil such as coconut to the skin first. That being said, peppermint is an excellent oil to get rid of headaches and nausea. It can be applied to the temples for a headache and the stomach for nausea. Essential oils should not be used on or in the eyes or ears.

A drop of food-grade (100% pure) lemon oil can be added to water to help flush toxins. I love adding lemon to seltzer water to help enhance the flavor. Be sure to research your oils before consuming them though. Reputable makers will have a “seed to seal” guarantee.

Most oils are not recommended for pets, but I have put calming oils on the underside of my dogs' collars when they are anxious or overexcited. If diffusing oils in rooms with pets, be sure to have plenty of ventilation. Their noses and respiratory systems are more sensitive than ours.

Many doctors and health professionals are coming around to essential oils, which I find humorous considering oils were used throughout history (Frankincense anyone?). I am unable to take most prescribed painkillers, so when I had dental pain, I applied clove oil, which my oral surgeon recommended. But, like most things, consult your doctor if you have any questions or adverse results.

Over the years I have slowly converted my daughter and several friends to the “miracle” of essential oils. My husband is still not convinced – but I'm sure there's an oil to bring him around.

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