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Saturday, July 17, 2021 1:00 am


Nicholas James Winchester and Lucia Mock

Madison Lynne Boyer and Gary Michael Chin

Korlyn Victoria Anderson and Viviano Rocael Hernandez

Justin Brian Kern and Emily Elise Weinberger

Carlyee Vieceli and Zachariah Warble

Joshua M. Evans and Dana M. Lamaster

Krista Jade Kranz and Logan Bryant Lee

Derrick Eldridge Sr. and Johnnetta Campbell

Mariah Thomas and Emajae Muhammad

Mary Louis Jones and Donte D. Carlisle

Skylar Ann Graham and Jaquan Japree Smith

Mohammad Ali and Qurshidah Binti Nurul Amin

Morgan Elizabeth Taylor and Roy Alexander Pritchett Jr.

Matthew Hunter Ott and Kierstin Marie Sliger

Roger Gilpin and Belinda Kline

Michelle Lynn Huston and Bradley David Borchelt

Lesly Tatiana Navichoque and Jacobo Lopez

Talesha Allen and Brandon Borum

Charles Francis Sims and Paschalina Ann Young

Brian Christopher Monnier and Jennifer Ann Coder

Daniel Schmucker and Betty Eicher

Rebecca Jane Hale and Travis Lee Ort

Troy Allen Bates and Britney Ann Patrick

Mark D. Hale and Makenna Emmett

Ethan Bleu Carpenter and Kalissa Kay Renee Calliham

Tisha Danielle Heller and Jeffrey Thomas Lake

Keisha Brown and Ceiarra Combs

Kenzie Nicole Rhamy and Brandon Michael Wilson

Terry Lee McKenzie and Rhonda Kay Moser

Troy Wallace Bahler and Danielle Denise Braun

Timothy Matthew Lombness and Antanina Daniilovna Ankuda

Danielle Crystal Smith and Lavonda Renee Suel

Na'Quasha Holmes and Allen Reed

Matthew Stephan Paskus and Emily E. Pichon

Alice Lagemann and Beau Trowbridge

Alex Noe Rodriguez Lima and Maria Feliz Tadeo

Katlin Nicole Hicks and Dylan Isaac Straub

Sherlock Harrison and Arnetta Wilson

Jessica Elaine Harris and Scott James Burnside

Emilia Munoz and Byron Adelso Oliva Rodriguez

Douglas Ethan Bayes and Hadley Lynn Widek

Gavin Conner and Taylor Marie Widmeyer

Oscar Buendia and Maria Stefany Romero-Arias

Abigail Kathleen Hayes and Trayton Jay Nafziger

Charles Stenson and Alyssa Emerson

Daniel L. Lengacher and Leora Rose Gerig

Amanda Lynne Gosnell and Christopher Lee Fish

Devin Michael Huffman and Brittany Nicole Selby

Lylounda D. Lazare and Gary A. Hinton

Makayla Marie Lawson and Logan Scott Blain

Moises De Jesus Pineda and Marixa Hilda Barrientos

Alexandria Jo Bowers and Tristan B. Shoup

Shana Prewitt and Marlon Wagstaff Sr.

Amber Owens and Brian Jewell

Dwayne L. Dixon and Cheyenna C. Daniel

Lohattis Hayden and Yusuf Amuda Odunaiya

Justin J. Gerig and Marlene Graber

Tonya Sue Burns-Cohrs and Matthew Wayne Sheehan

Bibiana Nunez Diaz and Eriberto Gonzalez Granados

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