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Saturday, March 21, 2020 1:00 am


Retired physician set standard for community

Every year around the holidays, The Journal Gazette and other media typically profile a “person of the year” and reflect on the accomplishments of the woman or man chosen. All the individuals are certainly worthy of the designation.

Even though we are already well into this new year, I would like to suggest another individual who deserves significant recognition – as a “person of many generations.”

Dr. Dale Aeschliman recently retired from the practice of family medicine after serving thousands of patients in this community with an incredibly caring attitude and the highest ethical standards. Dr. Aeschliman has always treated physician peers and others within the health care community with integrity, respect, and engaging humor.

Unlike those who seek adulation, Dr. Aeschliman quietly cared for his patients for many years, and in doing so served this community in a way that all should admire, respect and thank him for. I try to be a better person because of his example, and I am very thankful for everything he has done in this community.

Paul Moss

CEO, MedPartners

A fair vote in November will render Trump verdict

All haters of Donald Trump somehow believe the entire rest of the world, with the exception of a handful of Midwest rubes and morons, think and feel the same way they do. Trump is evil, right? So many in the media agree. A ridiculous percentage of news stories, commentaries and letters to the editor has to include at least one pointed jab at the president and how he is responsible for threatening or destroying everything they hold dear.

My goodness, they are so tiring. Don't they get sick of hearing themselves drone on about how awful life is with Trump and how unfair it is that he hasn't been thrown out of office? After millions of dollars and four years of investigations, shouldn't he be long gone? We had an impeachment, for heaven's sake! 

Trump haters can continue whining about their boring hatred of him all they like. It's a sad way to live, but it's their choice. Here is an idea, though, if they are interested in doing something more productive with their lives than continuing to participate in this nationwide partisan temper tantrum.

There is an election coming. Vote. They can rest assured that there will be no collusion and watchdog groups on all sides will be scrutinizing the election process for Russian meddling. Plus, they will feel much better for having participated. The results may not be to their liking. There are a huge number of us who support Trump and will be voting for him in November.

In the final debate with Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election, moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump: If he lost the election, would he accept the result? His opponents apparently have not. Will they this time?

Byron Thompson

Fort Wayne

Democrats orchestrate Biden's resurrection

Joe Biden's popularity has skyrocketed recently. I think not.

Isn't it peculiar that so many candidates who had at least a reasonable chance to compete for the Democratic nomination bowed out right before Super Tuesday? I think the Democratic Party decided who was going to be the nominee and eliminated the competition. They couldn't get ahead of Bernie Sanders any other way, and they couldn't afford to allow him to continue to build momentum.

So the Democrats' candidate has been selected for them instead of by them. I hope you like him. Don't worry, the media will make you like him by November.

PS: There were better candidates in those debates than Biden.

Andy Wyss

Fort Wayne

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