The Journal Gazette

December 24, 2019

Two men were stabbed at Coliseum Inn. One died at the scene. The other died at a hospital.

1020 Coliseum Blvd. North


Charged: Pedro Salas Lopez

Pedro Salas Lopez, 30 is charged with two counts of murder in the stabbing deaths of Daniel Mendez-Lopez and Alfonso Mendez-Lopez.

Charges: 2 counts of murder

Victim: Alfonso Mendez-Lopez

Alfonso Mendez-Lopez, 26, was stabbed at the Coliseum Inn. He died at a hospital.

Age: 26


Race: Hispanic

Victim: Daniel Mendez-Lopez

Daniel Mendez-Lopez, 32, was stabbed to death at the Coliseum Inn.

Age: 32


Race: Hispanic

All homicides