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Thursday, December 27, 2018 11:30 pm

Talking baseball swing, K's goal

JUSTIN A. COHN | The Journal Gazette

Here’s what the Komets' Justin Hodgman had to say about the swing of the stick he took at the final whistle toward the Kalamazoo Wings’ Tanner Sorenson tonight: “If they look at the video, they’ll see that I barely touched him. He shouldn’t be cross-checking me from behind into the crossbar at the end of the game like that.”

It’s true, Hodgman barely makes contact, if at all. Also true: He has no history with infractions. The ECHL needs to take into account these sorts of things.

However, contact or not, in my experience, a baseball swing is a baseball swing and contact doesn’t matter; I’ve just seen this before in multiple leagues. I’m guessing he gets a game, but the one thing that may get him out with just a fine is it was toward the legs and not something higher – and that the referee did tag him with a match penalty.

I’d also expect the ECHL to look at the Justin Taylor instigation in the final minute that drew a misconduct.

Video of the Hodgman incident is above. The bad reception is from the Memorial Coliseum end. Sorry.

As for the beautiful Hodgman-to-Jake Kamrass goal in the Komets’ 2-1 victory tonight, Hodgman said: “It was a a little bit of luck. Just reading the play, I figured he’d be right behind me. I don’t know if he was yelling or not, but I was hoping he would be. Otherwise, I’d look like an idiot. I got lucky but it turned out looking pretty nice.”

It’s amazing how guys skating on the same line develop a sixth sense after awhile.

Kamrass added: “We’re starting to build a little chemistry. It’s taken some time. I knew he was going to leave it because he didn’t have a full step on that defenseman. I had to bury that.”

When I interjected that I thought Hodgman did indeed have a step, Kamrass chuckled that: “Hodgie is not really a shooter.”

Someone should tell Larry Sterling that.

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