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Friday, November 23, 2018 12:40 am

Goal on Komets shows replay needed

JUSTIN A. COHN | The Journal Gazette

When I saw the first Brampton goal against the Komets in real time -- and this is right on the angle I sit at Memorial Coliseum -- I didn't think it was in the net. But the referee, Cameron Fleming, didn't hesitate with his signal, the goal judge turned the light on, and the Komets didn't argue much.

So, I thought maybe I was crazy.

However, I've got two slowed down angles of it now and, well, I'll leave it to you if Daniel Ciampini scored.

It didn't ultimately matter, since the Komets won 3-2 on Thursday, but this is convincing evidence for two things: A) why didn't the referee discuss this shot with the officiating crew more? B) More importantly, why aren't we using replay at more than four arenas in the ECHL?

As to that last point, I'm actually an anti-replay person in general; I like the human element of officiating when it comes to penalties.

But goals, we should get those correct.

What I've found particularly frustrating is I've been at two games -- in Toledo and Kalamazoo -- where I thought they should have replayed the goals but didn't seem to give it a thought. So they're not using the replay capability where they can? I mean, even just to practice?

Anyway, whether the above was a goal or not, this is the sort of play that should be having every ECHL arena rushing to get outfitted with the technology. If I'm able to do a replay from where I'm sitting with minimal equipment, then these teams can, too.

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