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Saturday, January 02, 2021 8:40 pm

After-Christmas sweater deal made sweeter

LISA GREEN | The Journal Gazette

Got one.

An after-Christmas deal.

I first eyed a distinct black-and-white sweater in November when I began early holiday shopping at various stores, including Macy's. The $85.50 full price was much higher than what I would typically pay and even when I later noticed a 50% off sign, that discount didn't move me.

I think the lack of excitement for personal shopping I had during this season is that there are so few reasons to dress up during a pandemic when working remotely and gatherings - even church - are curtailed.

The day after Christmas, when many serious shoppers go scouting deals, was cold enough that I chose to stay home all day. But Sunday was in the low 40s and the bone-chilling winds that struck a couple days before Christmas were absent. 

I had a stop to make near Glenbrook Square, so it was the perfect time to check again on pricing for that Macy's sweater I'd been eyeing. I quickly spotted two of my favorite words on a sign atop the rack: "Special deal." The price: $29.99.

The first two fitting rooms I saw had temporarily closed signs. I thought I might have to buy two sizes, take the sweaters home to try on and return the one that wasn't the best fit. 

After checking with a sales clerk and finding there was at least one fitting room open, I also asked her to confirm the price. The sweater was scanning as $42.75, but I quickly pointed out the $29.99 signage to the clerk and reminded her that means the retailer honors what it has posted.

She checked with a manager and after a couple of efforts to ring it up, she was able to get the $29.99 price - $32.09 with the 7% tax - that I could be satisfied with. Total savings: $55.51.

I'm not going to immediately take the tag off, though. As a friend of mine pointed out, there's a chance the price for sweaters still on the rack - and there were several - could go down even more.

I'll probably make at least a couple return trips to that rack in Macy's over the next few weeks.

Who knows? A "special deal" could become a really special deal.

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