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Sunday, December 13, 2020 7:00 am

Early deliveries make for slightly spoiled surprises

LISA GREEN | The Journal Gazette

Those early deliveries...


Two Indianapolis Colts menswear items I ordered for my spouse from the team's online Pro Shop promised separate deliveries around Dec. 7 and Dec. 9. I placed the order two days before Thanksgiving. The email confirmations came with the usual disclaimers that there could be shipping delays beyond its control. That made me a bit nervous.

Upon returning with him to our house on a Saturday afternoon, Nov. 28, a white package was at our doorstep: Spoiler alert.

My husband commented, "that must be a package for you." He really doesn't care what I order online - I'm not a shopping addict. But I decided to 'fess up and tell him it was actually something I ordered for him for Christmas, and that he could open it. We had just returned from a funeral for a cousin who was dear to him, so I thought it might brighten the day a bit. It would also be a good opportunity for me to know immediately whether he liked the fit or to ship it back and request another size. Although I ordered his preferred size, the actual fit can vary based on clothing design and manufacturer.

He liked it: a gray hoodie bearing the words Indianapolis Colts and in smaller type, football.

So about that second order...

Now I was conflicted, especially after my husband started talking about placing an order for a Colts coat or something. So by Monday afternoon, I told him the hoodie was one of two items I ordered and showed him an image of the other. By noon Tuesday, the second package arrived.

Again, I suggested he open it when he returned home from some errands.

He says he's happy with it: A quarter-zip, heathered royal blue pullover jacket (no hoodie) with the iconic Colts symbol on the top left corner. Both items were on sale - pre-Cyber Monday promotions, but as such athletics wear goes, an investment - particularly the second item.

So while it's a relief to know my spouse likes both, that takes a bit of the specialness out of our Christmas morning of me watching him open those as part of my gifts to him.

He's worn the new hoodie more than half a dozen times; he tends to throw those on over other clothing instead of a coat when it's not too cold.

I would say the Pro Shop and its supplier partners excelled in the delivery game.

Oh well. I'd rather have that than the opposite.

But all the other gifts for the mister for Christmas 2020 will definitely be a surprise.

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