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Thursday, November 19, 2020 7:00 am

Mischief managed - at least at dollar store

LISA GREEN | The Journal Gazette

Attention shoppers: Disregard the loud popping sounds.

Nothing has fallen from a shelf. Let's just say some shenanigans are going on.

I stopped at a Dollar Tree the second Saturday in November to buy Christmas wrapping paper, a Christmas gift bag and a couple other items and almost immediately began hearing the popping. Turns out a teenager - he looked about 14 or 15 - had grabbed a couple of plungers and began using them like darts on the hard floor. 

I'm not sure where he learned that; I can certainly understand - from his perspective - it was quite amusing.

From my adult perspective, it was mischief. I wanted to tell him "Stop it."

Apparently he was unsupervised ... or poorly supervised. He did have a cohort alongside who looked a couple years younger.

A male store employee emerged to ask if everything was OK and whether they were finding everything. I think that may have been the employee's polite code for "Stop it."

The plunger dart game did cease - at least for the remaining five minutes I was in the store.

But before I made it through the check-out lane, the older youth had an interesting question for the male employee - based on something he apparently found with a sticker noting it cost $1.

"Why does anything need a price tag when everything in here is supposed to be a dollar?"

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