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Saturday, May 15, 2021 1:00 am

Candid about COVID

Visit after vaccinations makes everyone feel like winner

SHERRY SLATER | The Journal Gazette

A typical Saturday during my childhood included homemade pizza and euchre.

We would go to my uncle's house where the adults played cards while the kids played outside.

I was thrilled when I was old enough to sit in for a hand or two when one of the grownups used the bathroom.

Those were long, lazy days. Those visits were so common that we didn't realize at the time how special they were.

Family gatherings haven't been very common lately – at least not for my family. We have taken public health officials' safety guidelines very seriously. That means not sharing home-cooked food, not playing cards and not sitting closer than 6 feet apart.

We also haven't gathered indoors as a group in months.

But times are changing again. My closest family members – eight of us in all – have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

So this Mother's Day was extra special.

My sister and her family were out of town, so it was just my mom, my dad, my husband and me sitting at the kitchen table – eating homemade pizza and playing two rousing games of euchre.

It was almost surreal.

Here's where I would normally brag that my dad and I won. But I'm pretty sure we all felt like winners on Sunday.

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