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Wednesday, September 23, 2020 3:06 pm

Governor moves state into Stage 5, drops most limits, keeps mask order

NIKI KELLY | The Journal Gazette

INDIANAPOLIS - Gov. Eric Holcomb on Wednesday moved Indiana to Stage 5 of COVID-19 recovery – dropping most restrictions on business capacity and gathering sizes but keeping in place a requirement for face coverings.

Full details will be posted Thursday and the new stage starts Saturday.

In general, there are now capacity limits for restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and others but social distancing is still required. And any gatherings of more than 500 must get approval from the local health department.

“I want to say thank you. We don't get here without adjusting our routines -- all those actions, masking up, washing hands, have an effect,” Holcomb said “We have been very steady Eddie, very methodical, very data driven.”

He pointed out that the current positivity rate is holding around 4% with about 15,000 Hoosiers tested a day.

State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box said there is ample evidence worldwide that people without symptoms can spread the novel coronavirus without knowing it. She said small respiratory droplets spread the virus when people talk, sneeze, sing and cough. And smaller particles can even be aerosolized.

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