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Wednesday, May 20, 2020 11:01 am

Sen. Liz Brown's son donates plasma after COVID-19 recovery

NIKI KELLY | The Journal Gazette

Sen. Liz Brown, R-Fort Wayne, gave a Twitter shoutout to her son Patrick on Tuesday for donating plasma following his recovery from COVID-19.

Then she spoke to Political Notebook about her son's journey, which is also highlighted on the American Red Cross website.

“I have to be honest as a mom I was worried, but it was early so it was just starting to ramp up,” she said. “It's a little less nerve-wracking when your husband is a doctor and he asks all the right questions.”

Patrick Brown, 36, splits his time between Fort Wayne and working in New York City as an education consultant for international families and schools, the Red Cross site said.

He was in New York in early March as businesses began to close due to the pandemic. He became ill and self-quarantined.

“I spoke to my friends and family regularly,” Patrick Brown told the Red Cross. “I felt very fortunate to have so many reach out to me and wish me well.”

Liz Brown said he couldn't get a test back then because he wasn't hospitalized and tests weren't available. After his quarantine he returned to Fort Wayne to be with family. He has since had an antibody test proving he had the novel coronavirus.

He's now been recovered for at least six weeks. During that time, he became aware of a new initiative through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help treat critically ill COVID-19 patients with plasma transfusions form donors who are fully recovered from the virus.

He immediately signed up to help. He gave his plasma donation with the Red Cross on May 12.

“The process was extremely easy. The staff at the center were attentive, quick and professional,” Patrick Brown said.

He encourages others who may qualify to become donors, too.

“While I was giving my donation, three people thanked me for giving,” Patrick Brown said. “Even though this wasn't going to them, they were incredibly grateful. With all of the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, spending a couple of hours in an attempt to help someone struggling with this is time well spent. Get out there, people; the Red Cross has sweet movies and candy, too!”

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