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Friday, November 30, 2018 5:52 pm

Giving a battleship a familiar name

The Journal Gazette

Could Fort Wayne have a battleship named after it?

U.S. Rep. Jim Banks, R-3rd, thinks there should be.

Banks has written Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer, asking that he consider naming a littoral combat ship the U.S.S. Fort Wayne.

According to, a littoral combat ship (LCS) "is a new family of surface ships for the US Navy. The LCS is a fast, highly manoeuvrable, networked surface combat ship, which is a specialised variant of the family of U.S. future surface combat ships known as DD(X).

"LCS is designed to satisfy the urgent requirement for shallow draft vessels to operate in the littoral (coastal waters) to counter growing potential ‘asymmetric’ threats of coastal mines, quiet diesel submarines and the potential to carry explosives and terrorists on small, fast, armed boats."

A previous U.S.S. Fort Wayne was commissioned in 1918 and decommissioned in 1919, Banks said in his letter.

He goes on to say the city is named after Gen. Anthony Wayne, a Revolutionary War leader, and that former Vice President Dan Quayle and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats represented Fort Wayne in Indiana's 4th Congressional District.

"The greater Fort Wayne area is also known for producing key naval capabilities," Banks said. "Navy anti-submarine warfare enabling capabilities, such as sonobuoys, are produced in the greater Fort Wayne area and employ hundreds of Hoosiers."

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