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Wednesday, January 26, 2022 12:01 am

Kosciusko County

United States


Donald J. Trump (R)* 26,476

Joseph R. Biden (D) 8,350

Jo Jorgensen (L) 902


District 2

Jackie Walorski (R)* 10,257

Patricia Hackett (D) 2,500

District 3

✔Jim Banks (R)* 17,301

Chip Coldiron (D) 5,106



✔Eric Holcomb (R)* 23,007

Woodrow Myers (D) 5,774

Donald G. Rainwater II (L) 6,838

Attorney General

✔Todd Rokita (R) 26,303

Jonathan Weinzapfel (D) 8,133

Indiana Supreme Court

• Shall Justice Christopher Goff be retained in office?

✔Yes 22,573

No 4,703

Indiana Court of Appeals

• Shall Judge Elaine B. Brown be retained in office?

✔Yes 22,609

No 4,251

• Shall Judge Melissa S. May be retained in office?

✔Yes 22,431

No 4,220

• Shall Judge Margret G. Robb be retained in office?

✔Yes 22,499

No 4,350

• Shall Judge Elizabeth Thoman Tavitas be retained in office?

✔Yes 22,622

No 4,184


District 18

✔Craig Snow (R) 9,799

Chad Harris (D) 2,388

District 22

✔Curt Nisly (R)* 15,970

Kelly Thompson (D) 6,795


District 9

Ryan Mishler (R)* 19,369

Brandon Cavanaugh (D) 5,787

District 12

Blake Doriot (R)* 3,103

Charles D. Mumaw (D) 940

District 18

Stacey A. Donato (R)* 4,676

Laura Fred-Smith (D) 924

Superior Court Judge 1

✔David C. Cates (R)* 29,098

Superior Court Judge 2

✔Torrey J. Bauer (R)* 28,655

Superior Court Judge 3

✔Chad M. Miner (R) 24,162

Antony Garza (D) 10,722

Superior Court Judge 4

✔Christopher D. Kehler (R)* 29,386


✔Ann M. Torpy (R)* 29,608


✔Rhonda J. Helser (R)* 29,282


✔Anthony W. Ciriello (R)* 29,605


✔Michael E. Kissinger (R)* 29,557


Middle District

✔Cary P. Groninger (R)* 25,696

Travis J. McConnell (D) 8,944

Northern District

✔Brad Jackson (R)* 29,445


At large

(Vote for 3)

✔Kathleen D. Groninger (R) 22,433

✔Sue Ann Mitchell (R)* 20,917

✔Joni L. Truex (R)* 20,498

Tanya M. Coon-Kauffman (D) 6,743

Noemi Ponce (D) 7,156

Lori V. Roe (D) 6,212


Warsaw Community

District 3

✔Elizabeth Diane Turley* 2,062

District 4

✔Randy Polston* 2,270

District 6

✔Matt S. Deuel 1,530

Whitko Community

District 1

Tracy Howard 899

✔Georgia M. Tenney* 1,249

District 2

✔Jennifer Krull 1,120

Lynn L. Studebaker 956

District 3

✔Annette J. Arnold 1,036

Jason L. Wolfe 1,014

Tippecanoe Valley

District 1

✔Aaron A. Zolman 2,324

District 2

✔Adam S. Heckaman 2,277

Wawasee Community

District 1

✔Michael Wilson* 6,970

District 2

✔Donald Bokhart* 5,987


For the eight (8) calendar years immediately following the holding of the referendum, shall Wawasee Community School Corporation impose a property tax rate that does not exceed twenty-eight and five tenths cents ($0.285) on each one hundred dollars ($100) of assessed valuation and that is in addition to all other property taxes imposed by the school corporation for the purpose of funding the expansion of safety and security measures, and the retention and expansion of school programming and instruction, including career-and-technical education and adult education

Yes 3,384

✔No 5,994

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