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  • Michelle Davies | The Journal Gazette Komets mascot Icy D. Eagle hang on the glass and tries to distract an opposing team's goaltender at Memorial Coliseum. 

  • Komets mascot Icy D. Eagle migrated to Fort Wayne from Salt Lake City. Rachel Von | The Journal Gazette

  • Rachel Von | The Journal Gazette Komets mascot Icy D. Eagle is often spotted tooling around on a wacky vehicles but admits he doesn’t actually have a driver’s license. 

  • File photo Icy D. Eagle with the International Hockey League's Turner Cup. 

Friday, October 12, 2018 1:00 am

This just in, Icy can speak!

Mascot dishes on team's title cups, Gritty, his disdain for Toledo

JUSTIN A. COHN | The Journal Gazette

It's been 25 years since Icy D. Eagle migrated to Fort Wayne from Salt Lake City. Even though he's a notoriously elusive bird and has Secret Service-level security, he granted a rare interview in exchange for a plate of Walleye and the promise that the article would be shared with as many of his adoring Komets fans as possible.

Q. How time flies. Do you ever miss nesting in Utah?

A. Did you know that Utah was once called “The Beehive State.” Indiana is “The Crossroads of America.” So you tell me, where's the coolest bird you know more likely to nest? Icy has to be in the center of it all. Icy is allergic to bees anyway.

Q. The Komets have won five championships under your watch. What does Icy do when he gets the Cup for the day?

A. Have you seen the size of those Cups? They chafe something fierce when you try to keep them all under your watch.

Q. OK, I walked into that one. Any mascots you'd “swipe right” on?

A. Well, Icy obviously now shares a kindred spirit with Chance from our NHL affiliate, the Vegas Golden Knights. But since he's a Gila monster, that's a little too close to the gecko from the Indy Fuel for Icy's taste. Have you seen Gritty, that big dreamy new mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers? He's big and orange and really makes Icy's eyes spin around.

Q. I think I speak for the world when I say we can't take our eyes off Gritty. Any mascots you'd drop the gloves with?

A. Flounder, aka Spike, from the Toledo Walleye really rubs Icy the wrong way. First of all, he's from Toledo. Second of all, he's from Toledo. Third of all, he's a stinky fish. That's the hat trick of suck right there if you ask Icy. Although, Icy does like that NBC sitcom set in Toledo, “A.P. Bio.” That guy tends to have some very astute observations.

Q. OK, Icy, let's not incite this whole Toledo-vs.-Fort Wayne thing before the season even starts. But speaking of Walleye, do you eat that sushi style or what?

A. You tell me, would you eat anything raw that came out of a river or lake in Toledo?

 Q. How do you fly without wings. Is this a hidden superhero talent?

A. If you knew anything about superheroes, then you'd know that we only need physical form while we're learning the depths of our powers. Once we harness all the power, we no longer need wings. How did Wonder Woman fly in an invisible plane? Exactly.

Q. I noticed that the Colorado Eagles and their lame eagle mascot are no longer in the ECHL. You have anything to do with that?

A. Google “Darwin” and get back to Icy. Icy D. Eagle, aka Icy D. Fittest.

Q. You like banging on the glass and on drums. Is it safe to assume you would be an enforcer on the ice?

A. On the ice. Off the ice. Above the ice. Under the ice. Icy rules by intimidation. Icy has never been in an actual fight because everyone comes to their senses before they actually drop the gloves. Icy doesn't just drop gloves, he drops Midwest quality gloves. (Icy also knows where his bread is buttered.)

Q. If Gary Graham needed you to fill in behind the bench, what would be your coaching style?

A. Fill in? Are you kidding Icy right now? Gary's just keeping the seat warm for Icy. Once Icy's done doing all the hard stuff, Icy will retire to that coaching stuff. But the short answer is impeccable style.

Q. If you were on “America's Got Talent,” what would you perform? Your annual “Nutcracker Ballet,” right?

A. Please. “America's Got Talent” is a little too small a stage for Icy. If Simon Cowell ever gets around to “The Universe's Got Talent,” then he can look Icy up.

Q. You're known for driving wacky vehicles on the ice. Have you suffered injuries that required veterinary care?

A. Icy's never been to a vet. Icy plays hurt. There's nothing that a little duct tape, some peanut M&Ms, and a little ice can't handle. The best part is no one has ever asked Icy if he actually has a driver's license.