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  • Courtesy The DeKalb girls golf team features three Stuckey sisters: sophomore Allyson, left, and twin seniors Bayley, middle, and Lexy, who make up the Barons' top three positions.

Monday, August 07, 2017 1:00 am

Family of golfers has DeKalb dreaming big

Stuckey sisters, dad share time together on course, at home

Josh Patterson | For The Journal Gazette

Trent Stuckey considers himself a very lucky man.

Despite spending plenty of time away from home as coach of the DeKalb girls golf team, he still gets to see his three high school-age daughters, as twin seniors Lexy and Bayley, along with sophomore Allyson Stuckey make up the Barons' top three positions.

“It's something where they can be individuals, be viewed as individuals, but we can bring a team aspect to it,” Stuckey said. “It's just being able to spend the time together, be it in practice or in tournaments.”

The opportunity to coach has helped Trent Stuckey play an integral role in his daughters' lives. There's one slight drawback, however, though it's proved a teachable moment as well.

“They are pretty much with you 24/7,” Trent Stuckey said. “The other nine girls on the team can get away from me. My challenge is to not take golf home with me, things I see and want to critique. There's a time to coach and be competitive, and there's time to be a parent.”

Having three sisters on the team serves a benefit to the Barons as well. Since they know each other so well, it's a simple task to find a teammate when one has a swing issue.

Just walk down the hallway and knock on the door.

“I think the best part about it is we can go home together, play against each other and compete,” Lexy Stuckey said.

“We can say, 'Hey Ally, come stand behind me and tell me what I'm doing wrong.' We know each other's games, so we can count on each other to look at each other.”

And those varsity positions were earned, not just given. Lexy Stuckey won a playoff at Saturday's East Noble Invitational to claim individual medalist honors. DeKalb posted a team score of 341 to tie NorthWood for the team title, though the Panthers did win in a playoff.

While disagreements do pop up on occasion, all three sisters explained that when it's time to step on the course, it's time to leave any angry feelings directed toward one another off it.

“We're mature enough to realize we have to set that aside,” Allyson Stuckey said. “We know it's not about us and how we feel, it's about the team. Little fights aren't important, and we can put that behind us. If we're mad at each other, there's no way we're going to do well.”

Especially with so much at stake.

After enjoying multiple trips to the state finals in the 2000s under then-coach Rick Roark, along with routinely ranking in the Top 20 in the coaches poll, DeKalb golf took a step back for a few years.

When Trent Stuckey took over in 2014, DeKalb had just six girls out for golf. This season, the roster stands twice that size for the now 15th-ranked Barons.

“I think it's awesome,” Bayley Stuckey said. “We definitely have a shot to go to state this year, and I think it'd be awesome to do it as a senior.”

But even if a state run doesn't happen, with a lifetime sport like golf, the Stuckeys can continue to share a family bond on the course, well after high school ends.

“It's been so good to be a part of this team with this family,” Allyson Stuckey said. “I could never see myself just quitting the game, just all the memories it brings will last a lifetime.”