Debbie Haenfling was not involved in 4-H growing up, nor did she take home economics classes in school. Her days in Girl Scouts, though, and her upbringing helped teach her similar skills – such as canning.
By most accounts, it is soup weather – not ice cream weather. There's a chill in the air, leaves on the ground and frosty mornings.  Rather than limit hours, Carousel Ice Cream at 1937 E. State Blvd. is changing with the seasons.
When a co-worker hit me up to find a place to meet a date for dinner in Columbia City, I started rolling through my mind's Rolodex and threw out a few names.


  • Go wild for butternut squash
    For all the readers who have written and begged me to publish some butternut squash recipes, stop the email campaign already, here they are.
  • Cheez-It fans find many uses for snack
    Chocolate-covered Cheez-Its, wedding cake Cheez-Its, even a Cheez-It cocktail  … they’re all out there. Ditto for Cheez-It jewelry and even Cheez-It tattoos (would that be Cheez-tats?).
  • Hostess puts a lot into holiday parties
    Jennifer Kruse says fall is her favorite time of the year, especially the time around Halloween.