I am a sucker for good soup. And, honestly, how much care a restaurant puts into its soup is a good indicator of the restaurant as a whole.
It is rare for me to get really excited about a new restaurant.
During my first trip to Bagger Dave’s Burger Tavern on Dupont Road, I knew I was going to like the place as soon as I saw two things – the large variety of burgers and the impressive beer list.

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  • Coffee an exacting endeavor for store owner
    Sean Wang is Fort Wayne’s coffee Yoda. The owner of Trionfale Espresso, 2910 E. Dupont Road – who is nearing the opening of his second store, Fortezza on Calhoun Street downtown – not only sells coffee, he sells coffee.
  • Pore over boss brews
    To call me a coffee drinker would be an understatement.
  • Offerings aplenty at Tucanos
    Its arrival was one of the most eagerly anticipated I have seen in Fort Wayne in some time.

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