In his April 10 letter, David Lambert complains of the airplane noise of the A-10s of the 122nd Fighter Wing. The 122nd has been in the present location for many years, and I would venture to say that it was there before Lambert moved to near their landing approach.
Is this the way to run a country? Our CIA masterminded the overthrow and death of a popular and moderate Iranian leader and the oppession of the entire nation for decades to plunder Iran’s oil resources. Now the U.S.
Recently, I got a call from what I thought was a pollster, but it turned out to be a 15-minute commercial for the Rebecca Kubacki campaign.

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    Do supporters of SB 186 – the “right to farm” bill – believe that a government closest to the people governs best? I would hope so, as that philosophy is woven throughout our constitution.
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    I am a school bus driver. If you’ve ever been behind a school bus that stops suddenly, takes a long time sitting with the stop sign out or pulls over for no apparent reason, know that there is a good reason.
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    In view of the upcoming hearing on Tony Bennett for alleged ethical violations, I believe state officials should push for the maximum penalty to be administered and forwarded to the police and prosecutors for final justice.