Obsession with Ritzan insult to voters Should the state superintendent be appointed instead of elected?
Many scientists subscribe to the global warming theory (now called “climate change”), but science is not determined by consensus but by facts. The wise used to say the earth was flat, and everyone believed them.
The pink of breast cancer awareness month has faded away, but that doesn't mean we should become complacent about the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer – or any other cancer, for that matter.

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  • Violence victims deserve a holiday
    After observing another Veterans Day go by, I was happy to see how this holiday has positively progressed over time. A lot of TV commercials had messages honoring our vets. Sports teams had events that also showed us and them how much we support them.
  • Agendas cheapen holidays' meaning
    I was taken aback by some cease-fire between the two Islamic groups in Syria. These two groups are the Islamic State in Syria and al-Qaida. Both of these groups are part of the same denomination of Islam. I have listened to many atheists discuss how religion is an evil force throughout the world.
  • North Side mascot no issue for Miamis
    In regard to Anita Glenn's letter on North Side mascot (Nov. 10), she is the one who doesn't get it. A little history: In 1927 when they were coming up with a name and the school hadn't opened yet, my father and six other soon-to-be North Side students went to see the chief of the Miami tribe and explained how honored they would be to be called Redskins.