I am a licensed clinical social worker with 30 years of experience in health care and mental health.
Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen stated as published in the July 2 Journal Gazette that she does not see any threats to the economy as interest rates remain low.
Regarding “City Council delays contract vote” (July 2), the overall concern is that the city is paying the union officials to do union business. When doing any business that is strictly union, all the union personnel should be off the clock and off fire department property.

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  • Pence in position to do what’s right
    Two weeks ago, the mere idea of marrying the man I love unconditionally didn't seem possible to me in Indiana. However, on June 25, that fantasy suddenly became a reality. The following day we united into one in front of the court and God.
  • Interfaith community applauds EPA action
    I have been pleased that the Environmental Protection Agency has, for the first time, released proposed standards to reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants.
  • Newspaper helping cover for administration
    The Journal Gazette's fellow media outlets fail to cover important events and administration miscues. They usually bury any coverage of such on the back pages or don't give them any TV air time at all.