Steve Shine’s job as Allen County GOP chairman is to get Republicans elected. The task is tougher in city races, where his party doesn’t enjoy the numbers advantage it holds throughout the county.
While the Indiana State Board of Education’s political battle with state Superintendent Glenda Ritz rages on, a Marion County judge has ruled the board’s legal battle also will continue.
There appear to be a number of reasons for the backlog in processing more than 80,000 Hoosiers for Medicaid benefits this year.

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  • Lilly has aversion to inversion
     It’s not just American tourists heading overseas these days. Increasingly, U.S. corporations are turning to “tax inversions” to move abroad and avoid high corporate tax rates.
  • Out of the shadows
    Nobody wants to talk about depression or stress. They’re too depressing and stressful.
  • School board members make a difference
    Public education supporters will find few advocates among northeast Indiana’s legislative candidates this fall, but don’t despair: Area school board races are where citizens can and do show the greatest commitment to their communities and students.