Some day, it will all be over. That's the only nugget of hope extractable from Huntertown's many-fronted battle to develop its own sewage-treatment system.
Indiana politicians have given us plenty of reasons not to vote in recent years. • They have instituted burdensome photo ID requirements.
 When the U.S. Forest Service says “don't shoot,” the agency is referring to cameras, not guns.

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  • Weekly Scorecard
    Winners The Bostonian Society:  The group, which operates a museum at the Old State House, has confirmed the presence of a time capsule from 1901 inside the copper statue of a lion at what had been the seat of Massachusetts government.
  • A WWII exhibit with resonance today
    Most of us have some idea of the magnitude and horror of the Holocaust – the systematic murder of six million Jews by Nazi Germany. Jews were targeted because the Nazis decreed them racially inferior, and they were by far the largest group of victims.
  • Shape of the future
     Couch potatoes aren't likely to be inconvenienced by the mass of fitness enthusiasts gathering downtown tonight and Saturday for the annual Fort4Fitness event. But they should consider joining the crowd next year.