Winners Indiana Poultry Association: Livestock group donates 131,000 pounds of turkey, chicken, eggs and duck to Gov. Mike Pence for distribution to Hoosier food banks.
Some of the most powerful and thought-provoking reactions to the Michael Brown case have come from surprising places. Benjamin Watson, a tight end for the New Orleans Saints, offered one that, as of Friday afternoon, had been shared on Facebook nearly 500,000 times.
 Only a handful of Indiana cities and towns offer much in the way of vibrant diversity, but the state’s college campuses certainly do. According to the Institute of International Education, the percentage of international students on Indiana campuses is 10th highest in the nation.


  • Cheers
    CHEERS  to  the unknown person who paid for my lunch  while dining at the Cracker Barrel on Maysville Road on Nov. 15. What a nice surprise. It was very much appreciated and I will pay it forward.
  • Think GLOBAL, act RURAL
    To state the obvious – agriculture is critical to our rural economy. This has been true for more than two centuries and will likely be true for centuries to come. But now I'm going to share an observation that may seem less obvious.
  • Agency quick to fix mistake - this time
    As luck would have it, a member of our editorial board was among the 254 Hoosiers to receive a second holiday-season letter from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.