Cathie Rowand/ The Journal Gazette
I was flipping through the channels on the television before I headed off to bed last night when I noticed a frost warning on the local weather station. Seems a bit early to have frost, especially now that my tomatoes seem to be producing more than they did this summer.
Jan Davis
File | The Journal Gazette
Photo courtesy Lynn Taft
A stray fell into the tomato barrel and produced a lovely blue “weed.”
Cathie Rowand | The Journal Gazette
Last spring I planted cannis roots with the thought that the hummingbirds would discover the flowers. As the season progressed, I began to think that that this wouldn't happen.
Jennifer Sorg
Next year’s plan: Weed or plant, if I didn’t put it there, it’s not staying.
Mrs. Robert Fahl
It is reaching for the stars, in a year when bunnies are eating the lovely ground flowers we usually have.
Cathie Rowand | The Journal Gazette
I really love bumblebees. My co-worker, Anne, says that as a child she wanted to pet them.
Photo courtesy Rita Squadrito
Before long it was climbing up and attaching itself to my trellis of ivy and clematis!
Ted Bates
Ron Grabianowski
So worth the wait, if only to last a day or two!!