“The decision made by the Supreme Court is about the procedure of review, not the value of the Aqua North Utility."
"It assures citizens have a voice in such a powerful use of government authority."
“I am working with my colleagues on proposals to improve our current background check system and the enforcement of current laws."
"ENS Group is seeking to fill six new positions to add to its current workforce of 47 information technology specialists and market development managers."
"The Topeka, Ind.-headquartered company will invest $12.7 million to equip its 150,000 square-foot facility located at 501 High Road in Bremen."
The Allen County Commissioners and the Allen County Council have sent this letter to Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry and members of Fort Wayne City Council:
Update: Hail measured at 0.88 inch was reported at 1:45 in South Warren in Huntington County by fire department officials.
"As has been true in the past, the Spring and Fall payment coupons are included on the same bill."
"The sad truth is that no background check would have prevented the tragedies in Newtown, Aurora or Tucson."
"Following a thorough analysis and benchmarking of other cities that have experienced successful transitions, the decision was made to move forward with an integrated organization."
"Forty percent of the guns sold in the United States each year – including many used to commit crimes – are sold legally at gun shows or through private sales, without even the most basic background check."
File | The Journal Gazette
"The SBA declared businesses and non-profits in Adams, Allen, DeKalb, Huntington, Noble, Wells and Whitley counties were eligible for low interest disaster loans because of severe storms and high winds on June 29 and July 3, 2012."
Associated Press
"Americans owe a great debt of gratitude to the Iron Lady for her friendship, loyalty to principle and determination to make Great Britain and the world a better place.”
"The City of Fort Wayne today announced that two meetings have been scheduled in an effort for citizens and business leaders to gain a better understanding of a framework of ideas that have been outlined to save the community money and bring additional revenue to the City."
"The Allen County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating a report made on 4/5/2013 by a female stating she was pulled over by a police impersonator."
“Making emergency contraception more accessible is a positive step forward in reproductive health care policy."
" ... I oppose amending either Indiana’s or our nation’s constitution to enshrine in those documents an ‘us’ and a ‘them,’ instead of a ‘we.’ "
“We believe a prescription requirement for girls under the age of 17 provides critical oversight."
File | The Journal Gazette
"The City of Fort Wayne's downtown metered parking rates will increase from 25 cents an hour to 50 cents an hour beginning Monday, April 8."
"The project is expected to support the creation of at least 3 new jobs paying at least $22.93/hour in addition to the retention of their 25 current employees."
"Jones ran several stop signs and traffic signals before she crashed her 2012 Dodge truck into a concrete median barrier near the intersection of Dupont Road and Coldwater Road."
With a Decree of Miracle issued on March 27 by newly elected Pope Francis, Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration foundress Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel continues the process toward beatification on Nov. 10 in Paderborn, Germany.
The student visited the IU Health Bloomington Hospital emergency department and a CVS pharmacy while infectious on March 24.
File | The Journal Gazette
“A few years ago, people told us they had no idea Foellinger Theatre existed. We’re not hearing that anymore."
"The City of Fort Wayne’s Front Door Fort Wayne plan has earned a 2013 Outstanding Plan Award from the Indiana Chapter of the American Planning Association."
File | The Journal Gazette
Here’s some inspiration to get up and move.
"Since 2001 a total of 140,000 walleyes have been stocked into Sylvan. Winona has received 120,000."
File | The Journal Gazette
“This year we’re bringing more activities to Earth Day and we expect more than 1,000 visitors."
“The decision today doesn’t impact the proposed voucher extension currently in the General Assembly, which carries a high fiscal cost."
“This decision effectively ends the legal debate about vouchers in Indiana."
“I’m pleased the Indiana Supreme Court unanimously upheld the General Assembly’s effort to provide more education options to our students."
“We must be careful not to judge this as an affirmation of vouchers, if anything it should give even more reason for pause."
“While I have great respect for the court, I am disappointed in today’s decision."
Those who want to read the court's decision in its entirety can click on this link.
“The Indiana Supreme Court found that the Legislature, in creating a voluntary program to broaden educational alternatives for Hoosier children, followed the Indiana Constitution by leaving the decision whether and where to use a scholarship to qualifying students and their families."
"Current legislation pending in the General Assembly (House Bill 1003) would further strengthen the program and allow more families to access the quality education of their choice at the start of their children’s education.”
"As a public educator, I still believe that funneling public money into religious institutions is a clear violation of the Indiana Constitution.”
"Now that the Indiana Supreme Court has unanimously upheld this important program, we must continue to find ways to expand educational opportunities for all Indiana families.”
“Washington cannot redefine marriage any more than it can govern gravity."
A report received Tuesday morning from the Steuben County Sheriff's Office: On 3/25/13, at 6:43 pm, officers along with fire and EMS units responded to the Budgeteer Motor Inn located 3980 N SR127 for a report of a car that struck the building causing extensive damage.
Courtesy Grace College
"President of Grace College & Seminary Dr. Ron Manahan announced Commencement 2013 (May 11) will conclude his 20 years as president."
"As part of the audit, questionnaires will be sent to 2,700 select homestead property owners to determine whether the homestead deduction is accurately in place on the property."
“I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Indiana soldier Sgt. Tristan M. Wade."
“Maintaining a clear path to the mail box – including steps, porches, walkways and street approaches – will help letter carriers maintain consistent delivery service, and help them get those letters and packages delivered on time.”
“The Munson family has had a profound impact on agriculture in Indiana."
The Journal Gazette
"Mayor Henry reassured the community that his administration and the police department are doing everything they can to ensure Fort Wayne is as safe as possible."
"Due to community concerns over the recent increase in gun violence, the Fort Wayne Urban League will host a series of strategic planning meetings to discuss solutions for decreasing these acts of violence in our community."
File | Associated Press
"Crispell-Snyder will enhance GAI’s local government, transportation, real estate, and energy market capabilities in the Midwest, while expanding the firm’s geographic presence and resources in Wisconsin."
“Prayers for the City – A Celebration of One Community, Many Faiths” will be held from 4-5:30 p.m. Sunday, May 5 at the Scottish Rite Center, 431 W. Berry St.
"Chapman’s Brewing Company is a start-up enterprise with plans for ale cider production in Angola, with sales and distribution throughout North America."
Janet Badia, associate professor and director of women's studies at IPFW, offered this response tonight:
"The left arrow will complete the signal cycle, after the thru-traffic signal has become red, and before the intersecting street begins its green cycle."
Associated Press
Homily of Kevin C. Rhoades as prepared for Monday’s Mass for Pope Francis at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception:
File | The Journal Gazette
"We must enact a budget that holds the line on spending, funds our priorities, protects our reserves and allows hardworking Hoosiers and small business owners to keep more of what they earn."
“An issue like this, people have deeply held beliefs and feel it is important to give them a voice and be active around those issues."
"The IPFW Women's Studies Program scheduled five events centered on abortion from March 4 through April 1, 2013."
A written report by the National Weather Service: The National Weather Service in northern Indiana has issued a freezing rain advisory...which is in effect until 11 a.m. this morning.
Courtesy WIOE-FM
"The crossings may be closed for an additional 30-45 minutes as Norfolk & Southern supervisors examine the 132 car train before it can be moved."
“I have seen 5th graders that come into the program who have no interest in STEM, graduate full of excitement for science and technology."
"The companies were honored at the 2013 Indiana Safety and Health Conference and Expo luncheon ceremony in Indianapolis."
Statement from Vice President Biden on the election of Pope Francis::
Associated Press
"We trust in God’s Divine Providence that our new Pope will lead the Church with zeal and provide a faithful example of steadfast stewardship and love.
"We join with people around the world in offering our prayers for the Holy Father as he begins the sacred work of leading the Catholic Church in our modern world."
File | The Journal Gazette
The company, which designs and manufactures modular extruded aluminum framing for a variety of industrial and home-hobby applications, will invest $11 million to add 31,000 square feet onto its existing 250,000 square-foot facility, the announcement said.
Intermittent lane restrictions are scheduled to begin Friday.
“The funds provided the catalyst needed to move these projects forward, and now these properties will be preserved forever.”
"Since the Indiana DNR began active CWD monitoring in 2002, more than 15,800 samples have been collected with no sample testing positive."