The set-up was similar and the outcome was the same, but the journey was a little different – and quicker – for the IPFW men’s volleyball team.
You can’t miss Andrew Sellan. In a crowd, he’s the one who stands 6-foot-5, and if you miss him that way, just look for the swirl of reddish-blond hair that crowns those 6 feet, 5 inches. Or ask his coach, Arnie Ball, who stops short of calling Sellan the offensive star of his No.
The zenith for them came at the south end of a snow-dusted Kevin Donley Field, with their backs to the new weight room and the train tracks and – prophetically, it turned out – the cemetery beyond.

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  •  IPFW officially names assistant to head men’s basketball coach
    Steve Forbes doesn’t remember exactly when his path and Jon Coffman’s first crossed. Ninth grade? Younger? “I was just a nice little kid, just started playing basketball,” IPFW’s 6-foot-9 center recalls.
  • IPFW volleyball gains confidence
    They’d let one get away at Lewis. No. 1 Loyola handled them in the Gates Center. And now … Now this, last Saturday night, for the IPFW men’s volleyball team: Another one slipping away over in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Source: IPFW chooses Coffman as coach
    IPFW athletic director Kelley Hartley Hutton said Tuesday evening the search for Tony Jasick’s successor at IPFW would not be a lengthy one.